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Precise optimization….

“Precise optimization is not necessary. It would be too costly.” ~~Dr. W. Edwards Deming Lean Leaders balance conflicting goals.

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Classic Lean Leadership

We finished reviewing the top Lean Leadership posts of 2012 last week and as promised it’s time to look at some classic Lean Leadership.  These are the Lean topics posted prior to 2012 but still had a lot of traffic … Continue reading

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Management Improvement Carnival

I am pleased and excited that John Hunter asked me to host this edition of the Management Improvement Blog Carnival.  Carnivals are blog posts that serve to provide links to posts on a number of blogs on a related topic. John’s … Continue reading

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Deming & Your Kaizen Success

Have you created training for one of your teams before?  I am in the process of developing training material for a Kaizen Team with a new client.  Starting with a clean slate, as I am today always gets me thinking. … Continue reading

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The best efforts….

“Best efforts and hard work, not guided by knowledge, dig deeper the pit that we are in.” ~~Dr. Deming

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#2 – The Lean Learning Cycle

The #2 Lean Leadership Blog post of 2011 was The Lean Learning Cycle: Lean Manufacturing is much more than a set of tools.  Lean is a way of thinking that can and should result in a culture change.  Part of … Continue reading

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It is not enough….

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best. ~~Dr. W. Edwards Deming

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5 Reasons You Need to Do a DMAIC

[tweetmeme]John, the Production Manager of a food manufacturing plant is having a good day.  At least until the Quality Manager bursts into his office:  “John, I can’t believe that your operators can’t put a seal on a jar.” John is … Continue reading

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What Could Be Easier? The 4 Step Deming Cycle

Plan – Do – Check – Act That’s not asking a lot, is it?  You have just implemented a big change that should save your company a lot of time and money.  A little follow-up to make sure everything is … Continue reading

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One More Reason to Use the Deming Cycle

[tweetmeme]Regular readers of this blog and Lean practitioners are aware of Plan – Do- Study – Act (PDCA) which is also known as the Deming Cycle.  There are several reasons to follow the PDCA formula.  Previous posts have stressed the … Continue reading

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