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5S and the Food Manufacturing Industry

5S is more than a simple housekeeping initiative.  5S is a five-step process that transforms a traditional work site into a visual factory and lays the foundation for a Lean Enterprise Transformation.  It can benefit any organization and brings unique … Continue reading


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Team Involvement: Just Half of This Equation

The level of involvement in the change process for the operator on the floor has been an ongoing issue for years.  The operators are less likely to take ownership or even accept the new idea as a solution.  On the … Continue reading

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Classic #5 – Change & the Pareto Principle

The Lean Leadership Classic #5 is Change Management and the Pareto Principle: This blog has been looking at change implementation which is a skill you need to be a successful leader in nearly any arena. We have already explored the 8 … Continue reading

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Top 5 Plus 1

Today brings the first installment of our review of the top Lean Leadership blogs.  We’ll start with the top new posts of 2012.  It’s the top 5 plus 1 because we will look at the my top 5 plus the … Continue reading

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An Ounce of Action…

  “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions.”   ~~Ralph Waldo Emerson   This quote is courtesy of A Lean Journey blog.  Tim McMahon has some great advice there.  … Continue reading

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2 More Visual Management Examples

Some of you may recall that my wife and I had a great time in Maine over the summer.  It was fun to go to such a beautiful area.  It was also fun to share a humorous experience from that … Continue reading

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SPC…What’s the Point?

I am walking the production floor (going to the Gemba) to check out a few things for myself with a new client.  Going to the Gemba is a great tool for any leader because you will learn things about your … Continue reading

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Visual Management in Your Car

You may have noticed that I am a big fan of visual management.  As such, I got a good laugh out of this photo and wish that I had thought of it myself.  It’s clear, concise, easy to understand, and … Continue reading

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C’mon, Man! Dig Deeper.

I was walking by this small town hardware store the other day and noticed that the window on their door was covered with several signs including the store hours, credit cards they accept and the like.  One message jumped out … Continue reading

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Visual Management on the Exercise Trail

Have you ever found an unexpected pleasure when you least expect it?  I was very pleasantly surprised on a recent road trip.  Most of the hotels I frequent are nestled near the freeway or a shopping center and are not … Continue reading

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