What Could Be Easier? The 4 Step Deming Cycle

Plan – Do – Check – Act

That’s not asking a lot, is it?  You have just implemented a big change that should save your company a lot of time and money.  A little follow-up to make sure everything is going as planned is common sense.  What could be easier than to check to see how it’s going, right?

I am guest blogging today.  Please go to A Lean Journey to read the rest of this post on the Deming Cycle.


About Christian Paulsen

Christian Paulsen is an Executive Consultant with 20 years of Lean Manufacturing. Chris adds value to organizations by driving process improvement and bottom line savings. Chris intends to help others by sharing the lessons learned after a quarter century of operational leadership, marriage, parenting, and even longer as a Cubs fan. Your comments on this blog are welcome. You can also connect with Chris via LinnkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in the right sidebar. Chris welcomes your comments. Christian's professional services are available by contacting him through LinkedIn (right side bar)
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2 Responses to What Could Be Easier? The 4 Step Deming Cycle

  1. Chris, I definitely enjoy your blog and will subscribe to it as I seems we care about the same issues in the same industry! I wished our leaders today would be more inclined to act. Check out my blog as well! 😉

    • Karin,

      Thank you for your kind comments and for subscribing. You picked a good time to join because several great Lean thinkers will be guest blogging starting next week. I’ll check out your blog too.

      Thanks again,

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