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5S and the Food Manufacturing Industry

5S is more than a simple housekeeping initiative.  5S is a five-step process that transforms a traditional work site into a visual factory and lays the foundation for a Lean Enterprise Transformation.  It can benefit any organization and brings unique … Continue reading


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Standard Work on Your Packaging Line

Beyond Lean has a series of blogs on the subject of Standard Work that ran last week.  Matt Wrye was kind enough to ask me to guest blog.  This post originally ran there: Our new team is coming together for their … Continue reading

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Standard Work Week at Beyond Lean

Our new team is coming together for their 7 a.m. work session.  This team is working through the steps of Autonomous Maintenance and is working through their agenda when the area supervisor approaches the team.  His support is a welcome … Continue reading

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C’mon! Fix it Right.

One of my clients has some great perks, even for those of us who are not full-time staff. I really enjoy the hot cup of tea that I can get after a few hours on the production floor. They provide … Continue reading

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The Pareto Principle is Dangerous?

There are many benefits to the Pareto Principle (aka the 80-20 Rule) for those who want to get the most bang for the buck.  I am a big fan of this philosophy since we are all working with limited time … Continue reading

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Just Say No

It’s Friday afternoon in late summer.  Our Production Manager, John, is sitting in his well-organized office with noise from the manufacturing floor in the background.  He is just about ready to enjoy the weekend but is taking time to plan … Continue reading

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5 Reasons for 5S

John, a young production manager, makes his way onto the production floor to see how an important changeover is progressing.  He wanted to make sure everything is moving along as planned because orders are heavy this week and his team … Continue reading

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5 Reasons You Need to Do a DMAIC

[tweetmeme]John, the Production Manager of a food manufacturing plant is having a good day.  At least until the Quality Manager bursts into his office:  “John, I can’t believe that your operators can’t put a seal on a jar.” John is … Continue reading

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Half of Your Team is About to Quit….12 things to do about it

[tweetmeme] A recent survey of over 30,000 employees including 2400 US-based employees had some grim results.  One-third of US employees are considering leaving their current company – it’s even worse with younger employees.  There are also those who are so … Continue reading

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Let ‘Er Roll!

Let ‘er roll! What a classic! Are there any Lean lessons to be learned from Lucy & Ethel in this well-known scene at the Chocolate Factory? [tweetmeme]As a food guy, I see some clear food safety issues but we won’t … Continue reading

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