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Team Involvement: Just Half of This Equation

The level of involvement in the change process for the operator on the floor has been an ongoing issue for years.  The operators are less likely to take ownership or even accept the new idea as a solution.  On the … Continue reading

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Defining a Lean Culture is a Matter of Character (Part 2)

Yesterday, we took a stab at defining a Lean enterprise as a company that spreads Lean thinking across its entire organization. Those who find success embody a set of distinct characteristics that can help us understand what it means to … Continue reading

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#3 – Procedures?

Our march through the top 10 Lean Leadership blogs of 2011 continues with #3, Why Don’t People Follow Procedures: It’s a cold and rainy morning as John, a new Production Manager, is driving to the plant.  He implemented a new … Continue reading

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Lean Leadership for Introverts

If you are an introvert taking on a new leadership role, you are not alone.  Introverts are taking on new leadership roles all the time.  These roles can be that of a young engineer put in charge of a Kaizen … Continue reading

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Too Many Conflicting Priorities?

[tweetmeme]Nearly two-thirds of surveyed executives report that they have too many conflicting priorities.  More than half admit that resources are a challenge.  Four in Five admit that growth initiatives lead to waste.  Nearly half believe that their customers and employees … Continue reading


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Does It Get Any Crazier Than This?

Lean Leadership Lessons from a Crazy Stock Market Down by 634 points.  Now up by 429.  Down by another 520.  Rebound again, this time by 423.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average swings by 400 or more points for four consecutive … Continue reading

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Leadership is practiced….

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. ~Harold S. Geneen

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Eli Goldratt (1948-2011)

Eli Goldratt was the manufacturing guru who created the Theory of Constraints (TOC), the Optimized Production Technology, the Thinking Processes, Drum-Buffer-Rope, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and other TOC derived tools. His book, The Goal, was a real milestone and my first exposure to Lean thinking.  It’s a … Continue reading

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John Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership

[tweetmeme]John Maxwell is a best-selling author, speaker, and blogger on the subject of leadership.  He discusses a leadership theory in a recent blog.  His theory is the premise in his upcoming book, The Five Levels of Leadership. Maxwell’s levels of … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Leaders Fail Under Pressure – Will You?

[tweetmeme]High profile leadership failures can often be found in the news.  Mark Hurd resigns from Hewlett Packard after a sexual harassment investigation.  Louis Lower resigns from Horace Mann after a guilty plea for driving under the influence.  The highest profile of … Continue reading

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