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The 7 Sins of Software Development (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The 7 Sins of Software Development series, we have discussed the first 4 wastes we could find in our journey to implement the Lean principle ‘Eliminate waste’. Let’s review the first 4 and discuss the remaining wastes in more detail: 1. Partially done … Continue reading

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The 7 Sins of Lean Software Development

Waste elimination is one of the Lean principles and one of the most effective ways to increase quality and reduce cost. While products and services differ between industries, waste or muda – everything that does not add value from the … Continue reading

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Guest Blogging Week

Welcome to Lean Leadership’s third annual Guest Blogging Week.  I am particularly excited as the list of contributors has been growing and the guest posts seem to be popular with you.  Last year’s guest blogs accounted for two of the … Continue reading

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