Keurig & Visual Management

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 Brewing excellence, one cup at a time.

Keurig’s innovative single cup brewing system lets people brew the perfect cup of gourmet coffee in less than a minute, without having to grind beans, measure coffee, handle filters or clean up. It’s as simple as it gets.

That is all according to Keurig’s web site.  It is amazing how much the single-cup coffee systems and the coffee-cup business have both grown over recent years.  It is unlikely that this business would not have grown into a multi-billion dollar business if it were not so convenient.  Yet, using a Keurig is different than any traditional coffee pot so for many it might be a bit confusing if not intimidating.

I was in hotel recently and was pleasantly surprised to have access to a Keurig for my morning cup of coffee.  It has been a while but I have used these before and the visual instructions provided were still helpful.  Take a look:

Kurig InstructionsKurig2

How much more helpful would these instructions be for someone using Keurig for the first time?

These are both great examples of simple and concise work instructions.  These instruction make it easier for you to make a great cup of coffee the first time.  How do you use visual management to make it easier for your team to do their job right the first time?


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