Does Rising Labor in China = Reshoring at Home?


USA-China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The rise of manufacturing in China has been impressive and has made a major impact throughout the world.  China has become the number two manufacturing nation behind only the United States.  Many expect that it is just a matter of time before China becomes number one.

Not everyone is ready to hand over the crown so quickly though. Boston Consulting Group managing director Hal Sirkin points to the rapidly rising labor costs in China. Does rising labor costs in China mean that we will see reshoring of manufacturing back home? Mr. Sirkin predicts that rising labor costs in China and other countries will “reshore” 2-3 million manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. over the next decade.

Some other key points from the video:

  • China’s labor cost was just 58¢ per hour in 2001 but has been rising rapidly.
  • Productivity is up 250% in the United States since 1972 even with less labor.
  • Labor rates are increasing by 15-20% in China
  • There has been a fundamental shift in the economics due to China’s rising labor costs.
  • There is value in made in USA (Safety & Quality)

All of this illustrates that there is more to manufacturing than just labor rates.  People who want their manufacturing plants to survive will strive for excellence on all fronts.  It will not be enough to have high quality or to deliver low costs.  We need to provide the top Quality products. We need to be in touch with what the customer wants and needs. We need to be Lean organizations that eliminate waste in all forms.  This is true in the Americas, Western Europe, Asia, and the rest of the manufacturing world.

What are your thoughts?  What can you do to keep manufacturing strong at home?

Best regards,
Christian Paulsen
Lean Leadership
Written for the Consumer Goods Club


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