Top 10 for 2010

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Those who have been following this blog lately realize that we reviewed the most read posts of 2010.  The links to the top 10 follow so you can have them readily accessible in one place:

1.  Implementing Change – Get It Done!

2.  7 Steps to 5-Why

3.  Complex 5-Why’s

4.  Change Management and the Pareto Principle

5.  What Could Be Easier?  The 4 Step Deming Cycle

6.  Lean Goal Setting

7.  Launching 5S – The Pre-Audit

8.  The Hardest of the 5S’s – Sustain

9.  Simple 5-Why’s

10. Implementing Change

About Christian Paulsen

Christian Paulsen is an Executive Consultant with 20 years of Lean Manufacturing. Chris adds value to organizations by driving process improvement and bottom line savings. Chris intends to help others by sharing the lessons learned after a quarter century of operational leadership, marriage, parenting, and even longer as a Cubs fan. Your comments on this blog are welcome. You can also connect with Chris via LinnkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in the right sidebar. Chris welcomes your comments. Christian's professional services are available by contacting him through LinkedIn (right side bar)
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