Shine & Sweep – 3rd of the 5S’s

[tweetmeme]John and the rest of the 5S Pilot Team is well on their way with 5S. They have Sorted the Pilot Line, Set Limits and Locations for all items kept in their zone, and are now ready to Shine and Sweep, the 3rd S.

Shine and Sweep is the first major cleaning that the team will do as part of the 5S program. The team will also establish a daily, weekly, and quarterly cleaning routine which will be part of the 4th S, Standardize. You need to make a few quick decisions about the scope before starting. You should have a good idea of the scope from your planning you did before launching 5S (see 7 Steps to 5S below). This will include what area the team is responsible for which should be the boundaries of their zone. The scope will also include what is to be cleaned. I suggest limiting the 5S scope to surface cleaning of production equipment if you are planning to launch TPM soon. Be sure to assign responsibilities or make sure that the team leader has done so.

As mentioned in other posts, be sure to keep Safety in the front of everyone’s mind. The team will likely be engaged in activities which are not there normal routine. This always increases the risk of injuries. One concern is the use of cleaning chemicals by team members who are not familiar with the risks. Be sure to cover the safety precautions before starting this step. Those working in food processing plants also need to review the cleaning procedures with your Quality Manager to make sure there are no food safety concerns.

John’s team is excited because they have a place for everything and everything is in its place. [tweetmeme]They have cleaned their zone like they haven’t cleaned it before and they feel good about their work environment. How will they keep it going? That’s what the next two steps are all about. The team will start the Standardize step tomorrow. See you there!


See 5 Reasons for 5S or all 7 Steps to 5S. This 5s Audit Form is one I developed based on my 5S experience in Food Processing plants. Other forms are available if you do a google search on 5S Audit Forms. I would be pleased to e-mail a copy of mine to you if you request it in the comments below or contact me via twitter or LinkedIn.

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  1. Nice post Chris…often freaks me out…the behind the scenes of restaurants. I’m a clean freak! Like to see that you care too!

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